3 Tips To Help You With Your DIY Brake Pad Replacement Project


If you want to save money on brake repairs, you may want to do your own brake maintenance. Getting around to changing your pads can be a simple task if you are mechanically inclined, and help prevent those costly repairs. There may be somethings that you want to get help with from a professional brake shop while changing your pads. Here are some tips to help with the task of replacing pads and avoiding costly brake repairs:

1. Put Your Car On Jack Stands For Safety And A Quick Brake Job 

First of all, you will want to put your car on jack stands. This has two practical purposes; one it is a safer way to work on your car, rather than only using the jack, and it can make it easier to get around to do the job quickly. In addition to jack stands, it is important to still keep the jack under the car as a precaution. It can also help to place the tires beneath the bumpers when you remove them. This will help protect you if there is an accident and the car falls, but it is still important to use caution and fallow safety rules when working beneath your car.

2. Before You Give Up, Use A C-Clamp To Release The Calipers

One of the challenges that you may encounter when doing your brake pads is calipers that seem stuck. To remove the pads, the calipers need to be released. Sometimes, this can be done by hand, but if they are sticking, use a C-Clamp to release the tension. The C-clamp may save you from a costly caliper replacement. If you have waited too long to change the pads, the caliper may be frozen and not even a C-clamp can solve the problem, which you will want to have the help of a brake shop to get the problem fixed.

3. Inspect For Grooves In Disks And Bleed The Brakes Now

When the pads are neglected for too long, grooves can be worn on the disks due to metal-on-metal contact. This can cause pads to wear out quicker, as well as make your brakes noisy, even after changing the pads. When you do the brakes, look at the disks to see if they have grooves. If you see this type of wear, remove the disk and take them to a brake shop to have them turned, which will save you from future brake problems caused by bad disks with grooves worn in them.

These are some tips that are sure to help you save time and money when it comes time to change your brake pads. There are also some tasks that you may need help with, such as turning the disks, which you can contact a brake shop to get help with.


26 May 2016

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