A Few Tips For RV Roof Repair


If you own an RV, at some point you are going to have a problem or two with the roof. It may start out as a small leak you find on the carpet, or perhaps you see a water stain on a wall. Before it gets any worse, you should take a look at the roof to find the problem and have it repaired. If you are handy with tools and such, you can do the repairs yourself. Here are a few tips to help you get the job done correctly.

Walking on the Roof

To find and fix the leak, you are going to need to get on the roof. However, you should not just climb up and walk on it. To keep your weight evenly distributed and to avoid falling through, place some plywood planks along the rubber seams. Step carefully and walk slowly, bending down to look at the roofing closely.

Find the Actual Damage

It is not enough to find the hole in the rubber and cover it with sealant. You need to remove the trim or rubber to see what is under it. If there is water damage to the wood or metal of the roof, this will have to be replaced. Now you can relay the trim or rubber and add a sealant. Left alone, water damage will only worsen and spread. You will end up with rot or corrosion on a bigger area, causing more leaks.

Don't Make Matters Worse

If you notice small bubbles in the sealant or rubber, do not pop them. A bubble is not causing a leak, but if you break it, there will be an opening where water can now leak through. Instead, just put another layer of sealant over the bubble to keep it intact.

Covering Small Leaks

When you find a small hole in the roof and there is no damage under it, you can apply a rubber sealant to stop the leak. However, before you do, the area will need to be cleaned of any dirt or debris. When you do the cleaning, be sure to use a non-abrasive cleaner to avoid causing more damage to the roof coating. Also, do not use a petroleum-based cleaner as it will slowly eat away at the rubber.

Taking care of the roof as soon as you notice a problem will keep you from expensive RV repairs. It is a good idea to climb up to take a look at things every time you go out in the vehicle to find any problems before they cause damage to other parts. If you are not sure of how to fix something, take it into a shop like Auto-Truck Services Inc to have professionals do the repair. Having someone fix a minor repair will be better for your wallet than waiting until it is something major.


26 May 2016

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