3 Things On Your Car To Keep An Eye On This Summer


As summer approaches, your car will need a little extra care in a few different areas due to the excessive heat during the summertime. Here are three things on your car that you need to keep a closer eye on during the summer months.

#1 Engine Coolant

One of the most important things that you need to keep an eye on this summer is your engine coolant. Engine coolant is also often referred to as antifreeze. Many vehicles tend to use more engine coolant during the summer months in order to combat the heat outside. You should be able to check your vehicle's coolant reservoir on your own. It should be located under your hood and labeled as such. If you have a hard time locating it under the hood, refer to your owner's manual for directions on where exactly the coolant reservoir is located for your vehicle. You should be able to see if the fluid level is between the minimum marking and maximum marking by just looking at the reserve, but you should only check your coolant level when your vehicle is cool and has not been in use for multiple hours. If the coolant level is low, you can take it to your mechanic to add some coolant, or you can purchase some coolant yourself and use a funnel to pour it into the reserve.

#2 Air Conditioning

In the summertime, it can be almost impossible to drive around and feel comfortable without a working air conditioning system in your vehicle. So, at the start of your summer, you should take your vehicle into your local mechanic and have them check your air conditioning system. These checks are generally really quick and will not take much time. Additional fluids will be added to your air conditioning system and it will also be checked to ensure that it is leak free. It is generally easier and more cost effective to have your air conditioner checked annually instead of waiting until it needs repairs.

#3 Tire Pressure

Even if your tire's air pressure was on-target during the winter months, don't expect the tire pressure to stay the same during the summer months. When the temperatures start to rise outside, the pressure inside of your tires will also increase. Hot weather causes air to expand, which increases the pressure in your tires. Check your tire pressure at least once a month during the summer and before you hit the road for any long trips to make sure the tire pressure is within the targeted range for your vehicle. You may need to release some air in order to hit the target tire pressure number for your vehicle. It is vital that you keep an eye on the tire pressure, as tires that are not filled properly can cause handling issues and are more likely to blow out. Make sure that you frequently check your engine coolant levels and tire pressure this summer, as the heat can take a toll on both those areas of your vehicle. Additionally, get your air conditioning checked out and serviced before you really need it.

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27 May 2016

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