Why Is Your Brake Light On?


Don't be alarmed when the brake light comes on when you first start the vehicle. The system is just verifying that all of the bulbs are working correctly and it should go out quickly. Unfortunately, several malfunctions could also cause the light to stay on. Here are some of the main causes.

Check the Emergency Brake

If the brake light stays on after you start the car, you might need to disengage the emergency brake. Be sure you don't drive when the emergency brake is engaged because you will wear down the brake shoe lining.

Check the Brake Pads

If the sensor is illuminated, the brake system needs help immediately because it could be a sign the brake pads are worn out. You might have low hydraulic fluid or a leak somewhere in the brake system. If the emergency brake is off, you should turn off the engine and locate the master brake cylinder.

 Consult with the owner's manual, if it is available, to check for the type of brake fluid that is needed for your vehicle. You should remove the cap and check the fluid level, and fill it if needed. This is only a temporary fix because the car should be checked even if the light goes off.

Check the Antilock System

Some vehicles have antilock braking systems or ABS that feature a yellow or amber indicator light. Showing ABS on the dashboard means the vehicle should be driven to a mechanic. However, the ABS controller will disable the antilock system.

You will have normal brakes, but the car might not safely maneuver when braking if a quick maneuver is needed. If this is a frequent occurrence, it may need to be further diagnosed by a mechanic. Most parts stores can read the ABS codes with the use of a computer. It can help determine what is causing the problem.

Make Sure the ABS and Brake Light Are Not Both On

If you have the regular brake light and the ABS lights on at the same time, you need to call for emergency service immediately because the car is not safe to drive. Many of the new cars have a parking light 'P' illuminated when the parking brakes are on. However, if the brake is off and the light stays on the brakes probably need attention.

Your vehicle has this series of warning sensors and lights to indicate you could have safety issues. You have to understand which one you can drive with and which ones need immediate attention. If you aren't trained as a mechanic it is advisable you contact one, like Alaskan Auto Center Inc, when in doubt. 


1 June 2016

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