Why You Should Outsource Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Rather Than Hiring A Full-Time Mechanic


If your company has a full fleet of vehicles, you probably understand the importance of regular maintenance of these cars and/or trucks. Because of this, you might be thinking about hiring a full-time mechanic to work on-site and to handle maintenance and repairs. Although this can be a good idea for some businesses, it's often a better idea to work with a local mechanic for these repairs instead. These are a few reasons why you may want to outsource vehicle fleet maintenance rather than hiring a mechanic to work in-house.

Save Money

First of all, outsourcing vehicle maintenance can actually save you money. If you hire a full-time mechanic, you have to worry about paying him or her and offering benefits, even when there is not any work to be done. This can get a lot more expensive than simply paying for mechanic work as you need it. When you outsource your vehicle maintenance and repairs, you can spread out repairs for easier budgeting, too.

Maintain Official Maintenance Records

If you choose to sell your vehicles later on -- such as when you get ready to purchase new and improved vehicles for your company -- you will probably want to have maintenance records that show that the vehicles have been properly maintained. If you have your maintenance and repairs done on-site, these records will be coming from within your business, which might not be as believable as if these records came from another shop. If you take your vehicles off-site for maintenance and repairs, however, you can have more official maintenance records.

Maintain and Use Vehicle Warranties

If your company vehicles are under warranty, you may want to maintain this warranty for as long as possible. Plus, you probably want to use these warranties whenever you can to cover repair costs. The warranty on your vehicles might require that you take your vehicles to certified mechanics, so your warranties could be invalidated if you have the maintenance and repairs done by an on-site mechanic. Plus, you may no be able to use your warranty to help pay for in-house repairs.

As you can see, if you are thinking about hiring a full-time mechanic to help with commercial vehicle repairs, you might not be making the right decision. Instead, you may want to consider these perks of outsourcing this work and having all vehicle maintenance and repairs done off-site, at a local mechanic's shop. Contact a business, such as JP's Truck Service, for more information. 


1 June 2016

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