How Do You Know Your Wheels Need Aligned?


You've heard about wheel or tire realignment. While that can help you know of a potential problem with your car, you need to know more about it. How do you know that it's time to get your wheels realigned? What are the warning signs that could be mixed up with another problem?

Tread Wear Uneven

The tread should wear evenly. Depending on previous issues with your tires, you may have some treads that are more worn than others, but from this point, the wear should be even among all four. If one or two tires are losing tread much faster than the others, it is a sign that the wheels are misaligned. More pressure is being placed on these tires compared to the others, so they suffer from the road surfaces much more.

Your Vehicle Pulls

When you're trying to drive in a straight line, do you find you have to put your car one way or another to keep it straight? Cars should drive continually forward without any input from you. When it pulls one way or another, it is a sign that there is a problem within the steering or suspension. It could be a sign that your wheels need to be aligned.

Most people will feel the pull when they are setting off or increasing their speed. However, you may feel it while driving at a continuous speed. You can test this by loosening the grip on the steering wheel when you find a safe part of the road, where the speed is slow. Never try it at a fast speed!

The Car Vibrates

This is one of the first signs that most car drivers will notice because it is so difficult to ignore. When the alignment is a problem, the car will usually start vibrating at around 50mph or more and gets worse over time. As the misalignment continues to get worse, the vibration can happen at slower speeds.

It's important to get your car's tires realigned every 5,000-6,000 miles according to Bridgestone Tire. While it can be annoying, it will save you money. How Stuff Works estimates the cost of one tire to be around $100, but the cost of an alignment will be $50-$100.

If misalignment is allowed to get worse, it can cause damage to the car. It will also mean your tires are likely to need replacing sooner than you would like. Look out for the signs that your tires need to be aligned and get it into a garage as soon as possible.

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2 June 2016

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