Teaching Your Kid To Drive? 4 Tips To Instill To Avoid Transmission Problems


As soon as your child becomes old enough to drive, you should start teaching them. When you are out and about driving with the family, you can have them sit in the front seat for easier teaching. After they get their driver's permit, you can start switching seats to give them the opportunity to drive. One of the costliest car repairs is replacing a transmission, which happens from age, poor maintenance, or bad driving habits. So, you should do everything you can to help them avoid habits that will lead to this situation.

Take Them to the Repair Shop with You

For the transmission to run properly, it needs to have clean transmission fluid. So, you should make it a priority to take your car to an automotive shop to change the fluid after around 30,000 miles. This is a perfect opportunity to go there with your kid to show them the ropes of getting professional automotive help. You can even introduce them to the mechanics who can share their wealth of knowledge as well.

Keep a Steady Pace with Traffic

Constantly accelerating and braking will wear down just about every part of your vehicle. But, the excessive changing of gears is not what you want to be putting your transmission through. Showing your kid how to look ahead of the car in front can lead to valuable information for driving. For instance, you can see a red light or traffic ahead that gives you the signal to let off the gas pedal right away. Making it the goal to maintain steadiness on the road without jerky starting and stopping is the best thing to do.

Always Come to a Full Stop

When you are planning on parking the car, it is easy to shift the gear into park a little early. This can lead to a jarring noise, but your vehicle will most likely continue operating without having problems. But, a great a deal of wear and tear is put on the transmission whenever this happens. It is often impatience that causes drivers to make this mistake, so make it clear that you should always be patient as a driver.

Let the Engine Warm Up

If you are not teaching your kid how to drive during winter, you still must teach them about warming up the vehicle before driving off. This brings the transmission fluid to an ideal operating temperature.

Giving your kid helpful lessons about driving will help them preserve their car's transmission in the future.


2 June 2016

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