Buy And Use These Fluids To Prolong The Life Of Your Vehicle


When it comes to keeping your vehicle in optimal running condition, it's important to visit a mechanic as soon as you notice any signs – sounds, vibrations or visual issues – that indicate a problem. If there's no immediate problem, however, you can still take steps to extend the life of the vehicle through some simple preventative maintenance. You don't have to be a car buff to take care of your vehicle in this manner; simply buying specific fluids and using them according to the instructions on the bottle can be hugely beneficial. Here are some fluids to buy and use.

Fuel System Cleaner

Over time, and especially if some of the gasoline you buy is dirty, your vehicle's fuel system can get clogged with a substance that is best described as "gunk." This can not only harm the performance of your engine, but can also lead to issues that prompt you to visit your local auto mechanic. You can lessen the risk of such problems by occasionally buying a bottle of fuel system cleaner and pouring it into your vehicle's gas tank. This specialized system will remove the gunk from around the carburetor and fuel injector, as well as other components.

Transmission Anti-Slip Fluid

A constantly slipping transmission can put you in eventual need of a major repair, but you can give a boost to this system through the addition of transmission anti-slip fluid. This product is added to the transmission reservoir beneath your hood and helps in a number of ways, including preventing slips and even sealing small leaks in the transmission seals. If you notice that your vehicle is shifting roughly, it's time to think about this inexpensive way of helping the problem and preventing the need for a significant repair job.

Power Steering Leak Stopper

A leak in your power steering reservoir will have you struggling to control your vehicle, which can be dangerous. The addition of a bottle of power steering leak stopper to the reservoir under your hood can lessen the likelihood of encountering such issues. This fluid will prevent leaks and help to keep you safe on the road.

Anti-Seize Fluid

Treating the lugs of your wheels whenever you change the tires with anti-seize fluid is an effective way to extend the life of these parts and prevent issues with your wheels being stuck to the hubs of your vehicle. Over time, the lugs and nuts can develop rust that makes them difficult to separate. A few drops of anti-seize fluid in the area will help you be able to remove the nuts with no problem.

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4 June 2016

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