Problems With Acceleration? 4 Signs You Might Have Dirty Fuel Injectors


If your car no longer has the get-up-and-go that it used to, the problem might be with the fuel injectors. Each time you push down on the gas pedal, fuel is pumped through your car. The more you push, the more gas gets fed to the engine. When fuel injectors are dirty, the amount of gas that gets through to your car is cut short. When that happens, you start having problems with acceleration. One way to prevent acceleration problems is to have your fuel injectors cleaned. Here are four signs that it might be time to get your fuel injectors cleaned.

Engine Stumbles on Acceleration

When you put your foot on the gas, acceleration should be swift and smooth. You shouldn't feel any hesitation between the engine and the gas pedal. When the fuel injectors are dirty, you'll notice a hesitation when you try to accelerate. The dirtier your fuel injectors are, the longer it will take for your car to accelerate.

Engine Misfires

Dirty or clogged fuel injectors can cause an improper mixture of fuel and air. When that happens, it will cause an incomplete combustion—or misfire. As the misfire occurs, the cylinder will miss a stroke causing the engine to lose power. In some cases—when the misfire is severe—your car will jerk and you'll hear a very loud noise come from your engine.

Increased Fuel Consumption

If your good gas mileage has suddenly tanked, the loss of mileage might be due to dirty fuel injectors. As your engine tries to accommodate for the loss of power, it will burn fuel at a higher rate. In addition, you might find yourself pressing down harder on the gas pedal to get the desired speed out of your car. That practice will also lead to reduced fuel efficiency.

Rough Idling

If your fuel injectors are dirty, you might notice some rough idling when you come to a stop. That rough idling is caused by a fluctuation in the RPMs. If your fuel injectors are severely dirty—or clogged—the rough idling might result in stalling as the gas will no longer be able to get through to the engine.

If you can't remember the last time you had your fuel injectors cleaned, you should schedule an appointment with your mechanic to get the issue checked out. You can restore power to your car, and avoid costly repairs, by having your fuel injectors cleaned. For more assistance, check with companies like Professional Automotive


5 June 2016

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