Summer Road Trips: 4 Car Repairs To Help Your Adventures Go Smoothly


Planning and taking a summer road trip is a classic tradition that never seems to get old. Taking adventures on the open road can come with a lot of ups and downs, but there's always ways to take preventative measures to help eliminate some of the more negative aspects. The care of the vehicle you're using for a summer road trip has a huge impact on how you enjoy your daily driving. Before hitting the road, there are four car repairs and upgrades that can make a huge difference on your car's performance and how you enjoy the trip.

Air Filter Replacement

One of the more basic repairs you can have done to your vehicle is an air filter replacement. Adding a new air filter to your car can help improve engine life, increase gas mileage, and will reduce emissions while traveling on the road. A new air filter is good for around 15,000 miles, giving your car a clean filter to enjoy throughout the whole duration of the trip. Typically, air filters can be replaced during a routine oil change, but you can have the process done separately as well.

A/C Tune-Up

Driving through a summer heat wave can feel even worse if you're cramped in a small car and the heat is intensified. Ensure that you and other passengers stay cooled off by bringing your vehicle in for an A/C tune-up. This type of repair can ensure that your vehicle's A/C system is working at its maximum performance. Worn out seals and hoses will be inspected and replaced as needed. In the end, your A/C will perform more efficiently and cool your vehicle off at a faster rate.

Windshield Wiper Replacement

You never know when a random summer shower or thunderstorm will hit while traveling on the open road. Help improve clarity and keep your windshield clean by replacing the wipers that you have. Not only will a new pair of wipers help clear rain off, but they can help eliminate other debris like bugs, dirt, and dust that accumulates on the open road. During the repair process, a mechanic can also top off your windshield wiper fluid so that you have plenty to use while on the road.

Muffler Upgrades

The loud revving or vibration of your vehicle can become tedious as you travel for hours on the road. Instead of dealing with the loud noises, you can quiet your car down with a muffler upgrade. A quieter muffler can offer better performance and allow you to focus on different types of audio like music or podcasts. When it is professionally installed, vibrations and noises can be reduced by mounting the muffler securely to the bottom of the vehicle.

Contact an auto repair shop a few weeks before you road trip to ensure that all of the repairs are completed well before your trip is about to begin.


6 June 2016

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