3 Sneaky Signs Of Auto AC Problems Every Sed Car Shopper Must Know


There is nothing quite like the convenience of slipping into your car on a hot day while you're out and flipping on the AC to enjoy a cool rush of cold air. While the auto AC in most new vehicles will last for a long time with a good auto AC maintenance routine, when you buy a used car, the AC is definitely one of those vehicle components that could have problems. If you don't want to end up with a vehicle that does not have AC when you are shopping for a used ride, there are some telltale indicators of imminent AC failure that you should be on the lookout for while you shop. 

The air is cool when it first comes on but quickly stops blowing air much at all.

In some cases, this is an easy fix because it could be an indicator that coolant levels in the AC are low. However, if this is not a problem relative to the coolant levels, it usually means that the AC fan is starting to fail. The fan of the AC system in a vehicle is sometimes incorporated into the main unit, but it can also be a separate component. Either way, you are looking at a hefty investment in repairs. 

The car's AC radiates an odd odor. 

The smell of burning rubber, a chemical odor, or even the smell of mildew--all of these point to signs that the vehicle's AC is having issues. Burning rubber smells usually point to electrical issues with the AC, a chemical odor could mean the AC is leaking coolant, and the smell of mildew is a surefire sign that the automobile's AC has somehow sustained water damage. Each of these odors is a sign which will tell you the air conditioner is in major need of attention by a technician. 

There are signs of leaks inside the car. 

The air conditioning system inside of a vehicle contains a condenser much like an air conditioning system that you would have in your home. The moisture from the condenser should be wicked away by a series of drainage hoses. If you are spotting signs of leaks and moisture inside the car when you turn the car's AC on, it means that the drainage hoses are damaged or otherwise compromised. Even though drainage hoses are usually not that big of a deal to replace, failing drainage lines are also a good indicator that the AC system in general is aging. 


7 June 2016

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