4 Things To Check On Your Audi This Spring


Keeping up your Audi can take a lot of work; however, if you divide the maintenance into seasonal chunks, it can be a lot more manageable. Here are four maintenance tasks you should complete this spring for your Audi.

Check Your Oil

Every three months or so, you should physically check your oil levels. Although you have a sticker that tells you should get your oil changed, remember that is just an approximation. You also shouldn't wait until your oil light comes on in your vehicle; that generally only lights up when your oil is extremely low.

Instead, you need to pop open your hood, and pull out the dipstick from your oil reserve. At the bottom of the dipstick, there should be a line that indicates if your oil is at max or minimum levels.

When you physically pull out the dipstick, you can also inspect how the oil looks, which you can't tell just by looking at the mileage sticker the oil change place gave you. Wipe the oil off on a paper towel; the oil should not have any solid particles in it nor should it look thick; if you notice either of these traits, your oil needs to be changed.

Brake Fluid Flush

In order to ensure that your brakes continue to work properly, you need to change out the oil every once in a while. In the spring, take your vehicle to a mechanic and have them drain out the old brake fluid from your vehicle and replace it with new, clean fluid.

Doing this on a yearly basis will help ensure that the brake fluid in your vehicle is clean and works effectively. On a seasonal basis, you should check your brake master cylinder reservoir and top it off if the fluids gets low.

Fuel Injector Flush

At least once a year, you should have your mechanic flush your fuel injector. This will help keep your fuel injector clean. It should also help improve your gas mileage; when your fuel injector system is clean, you Audi is able to release fuel more effectively.

Cooling System Flush

Another great yearly maintenance task to perform in the spring is a cooling system flush. Your engine uses your coolant in order to keep your engine cool, which is especially vital during the summer months, making spring a great time to flush and refill your fluid in your cooling system.

Perform all the maintenance tasks above this spring to help keep your Audi on the right track. Call your mechanic and schedule an appointment to have a cooling system flush, fuel injector flush, and your brake fluid changed all at the same time; only change your oil at the same time if it is time for an oil change.

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7 June 2016

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