Tips For Enhancing Your Truck Body's Appearance With Some Lift


When you buy a new pickup truck, one of the things you might notice is an imbalance in the way the truck body sits. In many pickup truck models, the front end of the truck sits a little bit lower than the truck bed. This can make your truck look uneven. The best way to balance this out and leave your truck looking its best is to invest in a truck body leveling kit or other body lift. Here's a look at what you should know about your options for modifying the truck body height.

Opting For Body Leveling

A body leveling kit focuses on adding height to the front of the truck in an effort to balance out the stance. In most cases, they add an extra inch or two, depending on how significant the difference is between the front and rear of that truck model.

For trucks with coil springs, a body leveling kit includes either coil spacers or top strut spacers. If, on the other hand, your truck is equipped with a torsion bar suspension system, you'll have new torsion bar keys. In trucks with a solid front axle structure, you'll have to put in blocks or add a leaf or two to the leaf springs.

Leveling kits open up the space around your front wheel wells when they balance out the front end. You may find that a lift like this gives you room to install a larger diameter tire, even if it's only one size up. This can increase the overall ride height of the truck slightly.

Opting For Body Lift

As an alternative to leveling the body, you could also lift the entire truck body. A body lift adds space between the truck's frame and the bottom of the body. Most body lifts come in ranges up to a couple of inches, and they'll add a nice amount of height to the truck's appearance without altering the suspension.

When you buy a body lift kit, you'll usually get polyurethane blocks, called spacers, that you'll have to put on each body mount. Each block also comes with its own mounting bolts. These bolts will be longer and more durable than the stock ones, which is important when you're altering the structure. You might even want to add bumper brackets to help smooth out the final appearance.

There are many ways to alter the appearance of truck bodies. Whether your goal is to lift the entire truck body or just help your truck look a bit more even, there are options for you. Talk with a local truck body repair specialist about customizing your truck with one of these body lift options today.


7 June 2016

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