Deciding Whether To Rebuild Or Replace Your Engine


The engine is one of the most expensive parts of the car. This is why you have to think real hard if your car's engine gets damaged; do you replace it or buy a new car? These three questions will help you as you try to make the right decision:

How Old Is the Car?

This is an essential question since it determines how long you still have to use the car. If the engine is damaged, but the car is relatively new, then you can replace the engine and continue driving the car for many more years. Replacing an engine of an extremely old car might not be practical since you may soon need to replace many other costly parts (such as the transmission, suspension, and axles, among others) too.

Determine how long you still wish to use the car and then decide whether it makes sense to replace the engine. If in doubt, get a full inspection from a professional mechanic, like one from Felix Auto Repair & Towing to help you make the decision.

What Are the Respective Costs of Each Route?

Compare the cost of replacing the engine versus that of buying a new or used car. Most people would go the route of the least financial strain. However, take care not just to compare the actual purchase price of the car; consider the incidental expenses too. For example, the new car may cost more to insure than the old one. You also need to consider the financing costs of the new car. Compare the whole package to the cost of the exact engine you intend to use if you go the replacement route. For example, will you be using a remanufactured engine or a new crate one? Hint: the later costs more than the former.

How Long Will the New Engine Last?

You also need to consider the durability of the engine you intend to use for the replacement. The durability of an engine depends on many factors including its status. For example, will you be using a new crate engine (this is the brand new version from the factory), a remanufactured one or a used version? If you plan on using a used engine, how long will it last before you need another one? The warranty offer on the respective engines will be a good indication of the length of their probable useful lives.


13 July 2016

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