Car Shopping? Be Sure To Consider The Cost Of Maintaining The Car Before You Buy


If you are looking to buy a new car, you probably have a budget in mind for what you are willing to spend on it. When you have picked out a few that you are considering, it is time to look at the cost of owning and maintaining each one to help make your final decision. Do not be one of those people who can afford the car payment, but can't afford to drive it. Here are a few things to be aware of when comparing the vehicles.


Take a good look at the car's warranty. You need to know exactly what it covers, and for how long. Make sure you are comparing them in a way that will let you know how much you might have to spend on parts and labor over the next five years while you are paying the car loan off. You can estimate how far you will be driving during that time so you will know which systems you will be responsible for repairing. Also, check to see if the warranty covers any routine maintenance for a while. Sure, an oil change is not expensive, but if you don't have to pay for them at all for a few years, it can add up to a car payment or two. If it does cover routine maintenance, make sure it covers both the parts and the labor.

Routine Maintenance

If the warranty does not provide any free maintenance, be sure you understand how frequently it needs to be done. Some warranties, on some cars, will require you change the oil, or have a tune-up more frequently than others. This can add quite a bit to the cost of owning the vehicle.


After comparing all the other things here, contact your insurance agent and ask how much the insurance is going to be for each vehicle you are considering. The make, model, and even the color can have a big impact on how much your monthly premiums are going to be. Keep in mind that if you are getting a loan for the vehicle, you will need to pay for full insurance coverage.

Now, add together the car payment amount, the insurance premiums, putting aside some for maintenance and repairs, and a rough guess on your fuel costs. Once you can see the actual cost of owning and maintain each of your chosen vehicles it will be easier to make a wise decision that will not hurt you financially. To learn more, contact an auto repair shop like Country Club Auto Repair. 


15 July 2016

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