Questions To Ask Before Choosing An Auto Glass Shop


There are plenty of auto glass repair shops to choose from, but finding the right one can be a challenge. It can be helpful to narrow down your choice to a few companies and then ask these questions to ensure they are of a high quality. 

What Types of Repair Do You Offer?

Sometimes, all that's needed is a simple repair. For instance, you can sometimes get away with using an adhesive and then sanding the surface for a small crack. Other times, scoring a small arc at the edges of a crack is enough to keep it from spearing. It's helpful to find a shop that is willing to do these kinds of small repairs, so that you have the full spectrum of repairs open to you in case that's all you need. 

What Type of Repair Do You Suggest?

At the same time, your auto glass repair shop should be able to quickly identify the type of crack you have and the suggested fix. For a small crack that only touches one side of the windshield, an adhesive may be suggested. A full auto glass replacement may be suggested in case of a large combination crack that's not salvageable. By seeing what kinds of repairs your glass shop suggests, you can see if they are genuinely knowledgeable and trying to help. 

What Are My Insurance Options?

A great windshield repair shop should also be knowledgeable about how to file an insurance claim. Some companies are willing to help you file the correct paperwork for your windshield claim. They may also help you to evaluate whether your insurance policy covers windshield repair; many policies only cover auto glass replacement or repair in specific circumstances, and they may only allow certain types of repairs. 

Do You Offer a Warranty?

Another thing to look for is whether the company offers a warranty on their work. Some shops don't offer a warranty for repairs, while the same companies sometimes offer guarantees on auto glass replacement. Be sure that you understand the policies when you're evaluating pricing; sometimes the price is low because you're taking on the risk of getting repairs done without a warranty. 

These and other questions can help you to decide between a few good auto glass repair shops. Asking plenty of questions before you choose can help you to get comfortable with the right company before you spend your money. 


20 July 2016

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