Winter Is Right Around The Corner: 4 Tips To Make Sure Your Truck Is Ready For The Cold Weather


Winter is just around the corner. If you're going to be taking your truck out for some cold weather activities, make sure it's thoroughly prepared for the adventure. Even the sturdiest truck needs to be properly winterized before you head out. Don't get stuck out in the cold. Use the four tips provided here to make sure your truck is ready for winter

Check the Battery

If you're going to be heading out into the cold, make sure that your battery is up to the task. The last thing you want is to hear the sound of silence when you turn the key. Before the cold weather sets in, have your battery tested. If it's weak, trade it in for a new one. To make sure you're completely prepared for emergencies, keep a portable battery charger on hand. This will ensure that you're prepared the next time a cold snap drains your battery overnight.

Add Some Weight

When it comes to winter driving, loss of traction can leave you stranded. This is particularly true when there's snow or ice on the roads. A loss of traction can create a situation where your wheels are spinning but your truck refuses to budge. To prevent spinning wheels, don't forget to add some extra traction to the bed of your truck. Traction weights can be placed right in the bed of your truck and will give you the extra leverage you need to get out of the toughest situations.

Keep Chains On Hand

If you're going to be heading up into the mountains, make sure you're carrying snow chains – even if you have snow tires or your truck is 4wd. This is particularly true if you're going to be driving in the mountains of California. California requires all drivers to have the proper snow chains on hand when driving in heavy snow storms. During extreme weather conditions all vehicles will need chains before proceeding.

Change the Blades

Now that you're winterizing your truck, don't forget about the windshield wipers. Over the summer, the hot temperatures could have caused your windshield wipers to crack and rot. If you don't change them, you could be stranded during the first rain or snow storm of the winter. When choosing windshield wipers, be sure to choose the type that will remove rain, snow, and ice from your windshield.

Now that the cold weather is about to arrive, make sure that your truck is ready for the changing temperatures. The tips provided here will help you winterize your truck. To make sure that your truck is in tiptop shape this winter be sure to schedule a maintenance appointment with a mechanic at a shop like Stephenson Truck Repair Inc, as well.


3 October 2016

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