Had New Brakes Installed? The Reasons Why Your Brakes May Still Squeal


One of the signs that your brakes need to be repaired is squealing or screeching brakes. But, if you have taken your car to an auto repair service shop and had the brakes done, you may be surprised if the brakes are still squealing when you drive away. This leaves many people wondering if their brakes were properly repaired. Fortunately for you, odds are, the brakes were properly repaired and it is very common for brakes to continue to squeal a bit after they have been repaired. Here are a few of the reasons why new brakes may still squeal. 

Dust is Present

When your brakes are changed, many repair shops will clean the rotors and the pads, removing dirt and dust that may be present. However, this is not a requirement and is not something that every shop does. As such, there may still be dirt or dust present when you first drive your car after having the brakes repaired. Dust can get into your brake system and cause a squealing noise. Spraying the brakes down with water can help to decrease the sound, but it won't go away completely until all of the dirt and dust is gone. 

New Pads and Rotors Vibrate Together

Another reason why your new brakes may still squeal is because your pads and rotors are vibrating together. When the pads and rotors are brand new, they may rub together until they adjust. Typically, the squealing will be most noticeable when the brakes are new and will slowly diminish as they adjust and work together. 

The Brakes Need to Be Lubricated

The last reason why your brakes may still squeal after being replaces is because the brakes need to be lubricated. When the brakes are lubricated, the calipers are sprayed down with a brake lubricant. While some brake shops may do this for you, not everyone will. If you notice squeaking, buy a spray at your local auto repair shop and then spray it on the calipers to see if that solves the problem. 

You should not worry about your brakes squealing a little bit after they have been repaired. However, if the sound is loud and frequent, or you notice any grinding after the brakes have been repaired, you will want to take your car back to the an auto repair service who did the brakes. There may be an issue or the brakes may need to be adjusted. 


15 November 2017

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