3 Spring Auto Maintenance Tips To Get Ready For Rain And Summer Heat


As the weather outside is changing, there is a lot of maintenance that needs to be done. Some of the things that you need to put on your spring to-do-list include auto maintenance. You want to make sure you have good tires and brakes for rainy weather, as well as check all the fluids to get ready for summer heat. Here are some spring auto maintenance tips to help you prepare for the changes in weather:

1. Inspecting Your Tire Treads to Get Ready for Spring and Summer

It is important to have good tires for the type of weather you will be driving in. There are tires with softer rubber for traction in colder weather, as well as all-season tires for traction in different weather conditions. Make sure you have the best tires for your car and check the pressure when there are extreme changes in temperatures, which can cause your tire to lose pressure and compromise handling. Reach out to local tire services for more help.

2. Making Sure Your Brakes Are in Good Shape Before the Weather Changes

The brakes of your car may get worn throughout the winter months, and it is a good idea to do seasonal brake maintenance. First, check the pads and have them changed if they are worn down to almost nothing. In addition, have the brake lines bled to remove any air that may be in them and cause them to not work properly. If you used a lighter brake fluid during the winter months, have it replaced with a heavier fluid that will perform better in summer heat.

3. Changing Oil and Other Fluids to Prepare for Changes in Temperatures

During the winter weather, you may use a lighter oil to protect against cold weather car problems. In the summer, you are going to want to use a heavier oil to protect against extreme summer heat and overheating of your engine. In addition to the oil, you will also want to revise other fluids, such as coolant, transmission and brake fluids. This is also a good time to do maintenance like flushing the cooling system to prepare your car for summer road trips and hot weather that you may encounter along the way.

These are some tips to help with the spring auto maintenance you need to do to get ready for changes in weather. If you need help with maintenance or repairs this spring, contact a local auto service to help with some of these tasks.  


8 April 2018

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