3 Surprising Ways To Keep Your Car In Good Condition


Modern vehicles are designed to last. If you want your vehicle to stay on the road when the odometer climbs well into the triple digits, you need to begin a regular maintenance routine the day you bring your vehicle home from the dealership.

Most drivers know that they need regular oil changes and fluid flushes to keep their cars running properly, but there are some simple and surprising things you can do to improve the performance of your vehicle over time.

1. Always mix your own coolant.

Coolant is one of the most important fluids found running through your vehicle's engine bay. Without an adequate supply of coolant, your vehicle would be more likely to overheat during routine driving. Coolant comes into contact with most major mechanical components under your car's hood.

An improper ratio of coolant to water can result in the buildup of deposits that might corrode your vehicle's mechanical components. Always mix your own coolant using pure antifreeze and distilled water. Your mixture should contain equal parts of both liquids for maximum protection and efficiency.

2. Replace brake fluid regularly.

One of the fluids that drivers tend to overlook when it comes to maintaining their vehicle is the brake fluid. Brake fluid is one of the few fluids within a vehicle that is hygroscopic. This means that brake fluid is efficient at attracting moisture and keeping water particles suspended within the fluid over time.

Eliminating moisture can help improve contact between your brake pads and rotors, but brake fluid that becomes laden with water can lead to corrosion. It's much more expensive to replace rusted brake calipers and sensors than it is to have your mechanic bleed your brake fluid regularly and replace the moisture-laden fluid with a fresh supply.

3. Wax your vehicle's exterior often.

When drivers think about vehicle maintenance, they often think only of the mechanical maintenance required to keep a vehicle running. The truth of the matter is that maintaining your vehicle's exterior can be important in preserving the structural stability of the car over time.

Paint that chips or cracks can provide an entry point for water to come into contact with the metal frame of your car. This contact leads to corrosion. Rust weakens your vehicle's frame and increases the likelihood of performance issues in the future.

Applying a fresh coat of wax to your car each time you wash the exterior will preserve the integrity of your paint and prevent rust from becoming a serious problem. For more information, contact your local auto care company.


24 August 2018

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