3 Common Vehicle Emissions Problems


There is more to driving a vehicle than simply obtaining a license to do it legally. In many states, you not only need auto insurance coverage, but your vehicle must also be able to pass an emissions test. If you need to register a used vehicle that you recently purchased, it is wise to get it inspected for emissions problems first. 

You will then be able to get the problems repaired to ensure that your vehicle is able to pass the emissions test without causing a delay in the registration process of our vehicle. If you continue browsing through the content in this article, you will learn more about the typical emissions problems that a vehicle might have.

1. The Oxygen Sensor Is Damaged

An important aspect of controlling emissions in a vehicle is the oxygen sensor. Without the sensor being in good condition, it is difficult for a vehicle to detect the oxygen level that is in the exhaust gas. An abnormal level of oxygen can lead to a substantial amount of toxic smoke coming from the exhaust pipe. You might also notice that your engine overheats a lot when the oxygen sensor is damaged. You should replace the sensor as soon as possible if it is found to be a problem when your vehicle is inspected by a mechanic.

2. A Malfunctioning Fuel Injector

The fuel injector is another important aspect of a vehicle when it comes to emissions control. The injector basically sends fuel into the internal combustion chamber so that the engine can make use of it. When the injector has problems, it can lead to too little or much fuel flowing into the chamber. The abnormal flow of fuel can also cause too much air to mix with it, which is when an emissions problem comes about that sends a lot of smoke out of the exhaust pipe. Find out if your vehicle has a bad fuel injector so it can be repaired before an emissions test is performed for registration.

3. The Mass Air Flow Sensor Is Problematic

The mass air flow sensor is a part that can cause you harm if it is in bad shape. The reason why is because it can cause a large amount of carbon monoxide to be produced, which is a poisonous chemical that has no odor or color. As the emissions come out of the exhaust pipe, the carbon monoxide can flow into your vehicle through vents or windows. Basically, a malfunctioning mass air flow sensor causes too much fuel to be burned by the engine.

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16 November 2018

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