4 Truck Maintenance Tips To Help Inspect Your Truck After The Extreme Cold Passes


Extreme cold can be hard on the mechanical components of your truck. There may be things that you do during the cold weather to ensure you have reliable transportation, but what happens when the cold subsides and the frost begins to thaw? Here are some auto maintenance tips to help truck for your truck after the extreme cold passes:

1. Clean Debris from Salt and Road Debris to Prevent Wear and Damage

When you drive in winter weather, snow and ice collect debris from the road that gets on your truck. In addition, road salt collects and builds up as a film on all the parts of your truck and it can cause a lot of damage. Therefore, you will want to clean your truck as the weather gets warmer to prevent excess wear and damage due to winter road debris.

2. Change All Your Fluids with Formulas That Are Adequate for Warm Weather

Driving a truck means that you put a lot of miles on your vehicle, and part of the engine maintenance is changing the fluids. If you drive in colder climates, you use fluids that are formulated for the cold winter months. As the winter weather subsides and it gets warmer, you will want to change all the fluids in your truck for better performance during spring and summer.

3. Remove Engine Covers and Warmers That Were Installed for Winter Weather

As the weather gets colder in early winter, there is equipment that you may add to your truck to ensure it is reliable. This includes things like covers for the front grill, engine warmers or blankets to protect batteries. These things can be good for performance in cold weather, but cause problems when it gets warmer, which is why you will need to remove them.

4. Check Tires, Brakes and Other Mechanical Components That Get Damaged In Winter Weather

When the winter weather begins to arrive, you will want to prepare your tires. As the weather gets warmer, pavements can wear tires. Therefore, it is important to inspect your tires and brakes when the weather gets warmer. While doing this maintenance, you will also want to look for damage to suspension components that may have been caused by winter driving conditions.

These are some tips to help with the maintenance your truck needs as the weather gets warmer and freezing temperatures come to an end. If you need help with getting ready for warmer weather, contact a truck maintenance service, like Louisville  Auto Spring, as the freezing temperatures subside. 


10 February 2019

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