Signs Your Car Needs New Spark Plugs And How A Mechanic Replaces Them


The spark plugs in your car are small parts, but your car won't run without them. As they age, they show signs that it's time to get new spark plugs put in. Here are the signs you could have bad spark plugs and how the mechanic at the auto repair shop might replace them.

How To Know When To Replace The Spark Plugs

An easy way to stay on top of spark plug changes is to follow the instructions in your car's manual. The car manufacturer tells you the maximum number of miles you should put on the plugs before you change them. If you don't have any idea when new plugs were put in last, then you can watch for signs the spark plugs are going bad. Your car might have trouble starting or it might make loud noises when it idles. Your gas mileage will drop when the spark plugs are bad and the engine light may come on.

The spark plug emits a tiny spark that helps combustion start and run your car. When the plugs are old, they may have trouble with misfires that result in rough idling and slow acceleration. These conditions will get worse until new plugs are put in, and driving could become dangerous. You may even be stranded if your car dies and won't start.

How Spark Plugs Are Changed

You may need to drop off your car for a spark plug change because your car will need to rest a while and cool off before work is done. Also, if you're having work done on the plugs, this is a good time to have other types of work done that needs it such as an oil change. One thing your mechanic needs to decide is the right type of spark plugs to install. Different plugs have different lifespans and they're made of different materials. Your auto repair shop will probably use high-quality plugs so they last as long as your car's manufacturer recommends.

Replacing spark plugs is fairly easy if the plugs can be accessed easily. Engines are all different, and yours might require the removal of other parts to reach the spark plugs. Remember, changing the plugs isn't always as easy as pulling out the old plugs and putting in new ones. If the plugs are bad, other parts might be bad too. Your mechanic inspects the area when removing the plugs to see if things like the coil boots and connectors need to be replaced too.

Preparing the new plugs for installation requires checking and adjusting the gap if necessary so the plugs will spark properly. Then, the plugs are put in the engine and tightened in place. The removed parts are replaced, the battery reconnected, and the engine is checked for a quick start and smooth idle.

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30 April 2019

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