Problems With Your Cooling System? 4 Signs It's Time For Radiator Repairs


Summer may be winding down, but that doesn't mean your radiator is in the clear. Your radiator doesn't need hot weather to run into problems. In fact, your radiator can fail at any time throughout the year. However, it is true that your radiator takes more abuse during the summer months. That's because it's harder for the radiator to work effectively during hot weather. If your radiator does begin to experience problems, it's crucial that you have the repairs taken care of as soon as possible. Radiator troubles can leave you stranded on the side of the road.

You're Seeing White Smoke

If you're driving down the road and you see white smoke coming out of your tailpipe, or out from under the hood, you need to pull over as quickly as possible. That white smoke is a sure indication that your car is overheating. Trying to drive your car while it's spewing white smoke could destroy your engine. Instead, pull over, turn off your car and wait for the engine to cool down. If possible, call to have your car towed to the nearest radiator repair shop. That way, you don't have to risk further damage.

You've Got Rust Under the Hood

If you've discovered a thin coat of fresh rust under the hood of your car, chances are good that you need to have your radiator repaired. That rust is an indication that your radiator is spraying water under the hood while your car is in operation. Not only is this rust a sign that you need to have your radiator repaired; it's also a sign that other components of your engine could be exposed to harm. This is particularly true if the liquid being released from the radiator comes in contact with any of the electrical components that are located under the hood.

You Lose Coolant Quickly

If you find yourself refilling the coolant reservoir several times a week, it's time to take your car in for repairs. Most newer model cars contain a radiator reservoir designed to hold the coolant. If your car is going through coolant faster than it should, there's something wrong with the cooling system that needs to be addressed immediately.

You're Going Into the Red

If the needle on your temperature gauge is going into the red whenever you drive, you need to seek immediate attention for the issue. The red indicator light is a sure sign that your engine is overheating. If the problem exists for too long, you could suffer catastrophic engine failure. To avoid that, have your radiator repaired as soon as possible.


18 August 2019

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