Automotive Problems You Should Avoid Delaying Repairs For


Addressing the mechanical problems that an automobile will experience can be one of the most costly and least enjoyable aspects of owning a car. Unfortunately, there are some problems that car owners will be especially prone to neglecting, and this can put their vehicles at a greater risk of suffering problems that could leave them stranded.

Transmission Slipping

A transmission slipping is a problem that may not have immediately serious consequences for the performance of the engine. In most cases, the transmission slipping will start out as a problem that is minor enough to be difficult for most vehicle owners to notice. However, this is an issue that can lead to considerable damage occurring to the transmission if it is not repaired. If you notice that your transmission has started to slip when it is changing gears or going up hills, this indicates that it needs to be serviced as soon as possible if you are to avoid rebuilding or replacing the transmission.

Oxygen Sensors Failing

The fuel that your vehicle's engine burns will need to have the right mix of fuel and oxygen if it is to be able to provide the power the engine requires. To help regulate the mixture of fuel and oxygen, the vehicle will have a number of oxygen sensors. When one of these sensors fails, it may trigger a warning light on the vehicle's dashboard. Due to the fact that the engine will continue to work with a faulty oxygen sensor, it can be tempting to continue driving the vehicle without correcting this problem. However, a poor air and fuel mixture can negatively impact the fuel economy of the vehicle while also contributing to residues collecting in the engine. These residues form as a result of the fuel failing to fully burn, and they can cause jams or clogs to occur if they start to collect around moving components.

Battery Failure

For modern cars, the battery is responsible for powering the engine and any other electronic accessories that the vehicle may have. As a result, the battery of a vehicle is under immense strain, and problems with it can impact the rest of the vehicle. One of the most common mistakes that vehicle owners make with their batteries will be failing to keep the terminals clean as this can inhibit the amount of electricity flowing from the battery to the engine. Additionally, batteries should be tested each spring as the summertime heat can be extremely hard on vehicle batteries.

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19 November 2019

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