Scheduled Prepaid Maintenance Packages: FAQs


There are few things more exciting than stepping onto the lot of a car dealership and picking out a brand-new vehicle. A brand-new vehicle is a major investment, and it is one that you should protect for the long term. Therefore, getting your new ride in for a maintenance checkup on schedule is highly important. Some new car purchases will come along with an option referred to as scheduled prepaid maintenance packages.

26 March 2019

4 Truck Maintenance Tips To Help Inspect Your Truck After The Extreme Cold Passes


Extreme cold can be hard on the mechanical components of your truck. There may be things that you do during the cold weather to ensure you have reliable transportation, but what happens when the cold subsides and the frost begins to thaw? Here are some auto maintenance tips to help truck for your truck after the extreme cold passes: 1. Clean Debris from Salt and Road Debris to Prevent Wear and Damage

10 February 2019

How To Get Sap Off Your Windshield


Tree sap is something that literally hits most cars at one time or another. The sap is a particular problem because in its fresh state, it smears instead of wiping up neatly, and in its dry state, it can be like cement. Getting it off your car is important for three reasons. One, your car will look better; two, your paint can suffer if the sap stays on for too long; and three, your view out your windshield can be obscured if there's a lot of sap.

7 January 2019

3 Common Vehicle Emissions Problems


There is more to driving a vehicle than simply obtaining a license to do it legally. In many states, you not only need auto insurance coverage, but your vehicle must also be able to pass an emissions test. If you need to register a used vehicle that you recently purchased, it is wise to get it inspected for emissions problems first.  You will then be able to get the problems repaired to ensure that your vehicle is able to pass the emissions test without causing a delay in the registration process of our vehicle.

16 November 2018

16 and Driving? 3 Routine Things to Have Done on Your Car


Now that you are finally sixteen and have passed your driver's test, you are probably more than ready to hit the road. But before you get behind the wheel and go hang out with some friends in your new (or borrowed) car, it's important that you know how to take care of your car so that it lasts as long as possible. This article will go over a few routine things that you should have done on your car.

3 October 2018

3 Surprising Ways To Keep Your Car In Good Condition


Modern vehicles are designed to last. If you want your vehicle to stay on the road when the odometer climbs well into the triple digits, you need to begin a regular maintenance routine the day you bring your vehicle home from the dealership. Most drivers know that they need regular oil changes and fluid flushes to keep their cars running properly, but there are some simple and surprising things you can do to improve the performance of your vehicle over time.

24 August 2018

Tips To Help You Maintain Your Brakes


No matter how great your car looks or how well it drives, it means nothing if the vehicle has bad brakes. The braking system on your car is of the utmost importance because if it starts to malfunction the results can be disastrous. Keeping your brakes in good condition may take a little effort, but it's well worth it. Use the maintenance tips below as a starting point that can help you understand what needs to happen if you want your brakes to perform properly.

9 June 2018